Why should I choose a custom garter?

Each garter is made to order and designed to fit your exact thigh size, which means that your garter is truly one of a kind. In addition, I offer custom design options to make it extra special such as hand-embroidered personalization of your initials, monogram or wedding date. Visit the Gallery to see some of my custom designs. Have an idea for a themed garter or just want to change the color of an existing design? Fill out the Contact Us form and I will help you design the perfect garter.

What makes True Purple Designs garters unique?

I love creating traditional designs reminiscent of the garters worn by brides from decades past. You'll see a lot of satin and lace with just the right touch of bling to bring them into the modern age!

Each garter is individually handcrafted in my small studio using both machine and hand sewing techniques, allowing me to focus on detail and quality. Rhinestone appliques are hand sewn rather than ironed or glued on and seams are reinforced by hand to ensure that your garter can be passed down through the years. I only use genuine Swarovski crystals and high-quality rhinestone appliques.

All of our garters come elegantly gift wrapped in designer tissue and a printed gift message can be included if you wish.

What is the symbolism of the bridal garter/garter toss?

 In ancient times, it was considered good luck to have a piece of the bride’s gown. In today’s society, many brides wear a garter as a beautiful keepsake of their wedding day. Some brides incorporate special details into their garters to symbolize or honor their spouse or have some fun with a theme that the couple enjoys. Many brides will include a garter photo in their wedding photo list, or save the garter for their spouse to discover on their wedding night.

Do I have to do the garter toss at my wedding?

 As with any wedding tradition, it is entirely up to you! Some couples use it as a chance to entertain their guests and will incorporate props. Some couples do variations such as putting the garter on a football or teddy bear before tossing it. Others skip it altogether. Many brides still choose to wear a single keepsake garter for tradition and as a special remembrance of their wedding day. Check out our blog post featuring 5 Nontraditional Garter Ideas

Do you offer garter sets?

Absolutely! Most of my designs now come as a set with a coordinating toss garter.  Please contact me if you would like to purchase a custom set. Pricing varies according to materials.

How should I measure my thigh for my garter?

It is very important that you use a soft measuring tape (not a metal one), as the measurement must be accurate. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use a string and wrap it around your leg in the exact spot you will wear your garter. Cut the string and then hold it next to a ruler or measuring tape. If you order a set, the toss garter (which is usually worn below the keepsake garter) size will be adjusted according to the size of the keepsake garter. Click here for a printable measuring tape.

What if my garter doesn’t fit exactly?

It's recommended that you try on your garter upon receipt to ensure it fits comfortably before your wedding day. If your garter is a little too tight or loose, move it up or down your thigh until you find a comfortable spot. I include fashion tape with all of my stretch lace designs, to ensure a secure fit. Fashion tape is included free with any satin garter at your request. 

I see a design I like but would like a different color/embellishment. Can these be changed?

Yes! I welcome your customization requests. All garters can be customized to match your theme, color, or style. Prices may vary according to materials. Please allow 14-21 additional business days for the production of a custom garter. Please fill out the Contact Us form.

How do I get started on a custom garter order?

If you have an idea for a custom garter design, please fill out the Contact Us form and visit the Custom Order Process page for more information. 

I have an idea for a custom garter but am not sure how to pull it all together. May I contact you for help?

Absolutely! Please fill out the Contact Us form or email me at truepurpledesigns@gmail.com with your ideas or to arrange a time for a phone call. My business hours are typically Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm EST.

 I would like to buy a garter as a gift, but am not sure of the recipient’s thigh measurement. Is there a standard size?

Just like snowflakes, no two thighs are alike! My standard satin garter will stretch from 16-21 inches. Stretch lace garters require a more precise measurement, as different laces have varying degrees of stretch.

Do you offer extended sizes?

Yes! Please contact me for sizes over 29 inches. There is no extra charge for extended sizes.