To Toss or Not to Toss...

Are you planning to do the garter toss at your wedding? I will never forget the quite stunning shade of scarlet that both our poor best man who caught the garter, and beloved family friend, who was the recipient, wore on their faces during the public display at our wedding. With that being said, yes, they still speak to us 16 years later... 

But what is the tradition behind the garter toss? In ancient times, it was considered good luck to have a piece of the bride's gown. Wedding guests would rip apart her dress to obtain a piece of good fortune. After many years, and probably many angry, nearly naked brides, cooler heads eventually prevailed, and the tradition of making a garter out of a piece of the bride's gown began.

In working with brides, I enjoy hearing their backgrounds and what they plan to do with their garters. Regardless of whether or not they plan to incorporate the garter toss, most brides want a garter as a custom keepsake of their wedding day. They enjoy incorporating special elements from "something blue" to sports teams, to special tributes to their spouse. Some great ideas that I have heard from recent brides...

* Creating a custom garter with something special for their spouse (sports teams, military, hobbies), and making it "for his/her eyes only" on the wedding night.

* Wrapping the toss garter around a soft football or teddy bear before tossing.

* Arranging photos with their photographer that feature the garter.

*Creating a garter that can be used as a baby headband for future children or a family heirloom to be passed down to future generations.

I enjoy creating custom designs that are tailored to my brides' visions. Whether it be to toss or keep, your garters are a symbol of your special day. I would love to hear your ideas. Please contact me today to start designing the garter of your dreams!

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    I would love to hear your ideas about the garter toss tradition!

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