This is How it All Began...

If you've read my About Us page, you know that my beloved grandmother and great grandmother were a huge part of my life! I miss them immensely! I keep their very well worn garters on my sewing table as a source of inspiration. My great grandmother's garter is the ivory one on top in the photo. With the help of my cousin and great aunt, I found out that it is 91 years old! My grandmother's, (her daughter's) garter, is the blue one on the bottom. It is almost 70 years old. These garters were lovingly handmade together with their mothers and grandmothers. Most of the brides in my family have worn or carried them at their weddings. When I look at them, I am reminded that these incredibly strong women were the matriarchs of my family, and the reason I am blessed to be here today! I know that they are with me in spirit, and hope that they would be proud!

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