6 Ways to Incorporate Your Something Blue

It is a longstanding tradition for brides to wear something blue on their wedding day. Originally meant to signify purity, fidelity and love and also as a symbol of the Virgin Mary, many brides today choose to incorporate blue into their wedding for good luck. Fortunately, there are a number of beautiful and meaningful ways to incorporate the perfect “something blue” into your wedding day.

Bouquet- Choosing the perfect shade of blue flower is a beautiful way to incorporate blue into your wedding. Flowers such as delphinium, blue hydrangeas, cornflowers and bluebells are naturally blue and stand out beautifully against a white or ivory wedding gown. You may also choose to add a blue silk or satin ribbon to your bouquet or add a blue brooch to your bouquet stem.

Shoes- Wearing blue shoes under your wedding gown is another way to incorporate the color into your wedding attire. Choose a pale blue for a subtle look or a brighter hue for a more bold statement. If it’s strictly white or ivory shoes for you, consider painting the bottoms of your shoes with blue craft paint.


Dress- Your dress is also perfect for showcasing your something blue. Consider adding a blue sash or bow to your gown or even wearing a blue dress. For brides who wish for a more subtle hint of blue, consider having your wedding date and initials sewn into your dress with blue thread or having a special dress square made from a treasured family wedding gown and outlined in blue thread.


Jewelry- Many brides choose to use jewelry made of sapphires, blue topaz, turquoise and tanzanites as their something blue. All are beautiful choices for earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. Ask family or friends if they may have special blue jewelry that they can lend (this can also be your “something borrowed”) or consider buying some new pieces to wear again or hand down through the generations.


Nails- Gone are the days when the bride could only wear a traditional French manicure or neutral nail color on her wedding day. These days, brides are choosing bold and bright colors. Consider wearing a shade of blue on your fingernails or toes. If neutral nails are a must for you, consider adding some blue nail art or small blue stones to your ring fingers or toes.


Garter- For a special and discreet way to wear your something blue, consider wearing a blue garter. There are many beautiful designs available in all blue, or with just a hint of blue. Garters like this beautiful French Blue and Ivory Lace Garter or this Pale Blue and Ivory Lace Garter can be custom made just for you. You can also have your wedding date and initials hand-embroidered into your garter band in blue thread. Contact us for details.


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