5 Non-Traditional Garter Ideas

The garter toss is one of those time-honored wedding traditions that many couples still include today. While some couples enjoy being in the spotlight and use the garter toss as a way to entertain their guests, others are downright mortified at the idea. Here are some fun, classy and non-traditional ways that you can include the garter tradition in a way that is comfortable for both you and your guests.

1. Include Everyone- If you dislike the idea of singling out your unmarried guests, or don’t have many coming to the wedding, you may opt to include all wedding guests (both male and female, married or single) who wish to participate. Instead of the catcher being the next to marry, you may ask the DJ to announce that whoever catches the garter has to give the newly married couple a good luck hug or handshake.

2. Flying Footballs- Incorporate your favorite sport into the garter toss tradition by wrapping the garter around a small football or basketball. When it’s time to toss the ball, have the DJ play a fun sports-themed song such as “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Many couples opt to have a ball personalized with their names and wedding date.

3. Teddy Bear Toss- Since more and more weddings are including children, a fun and family-friendly garter toss alternative is to toss a teddy bear or other plush animal. Use the garter as a decorative headband, collar or belt for the bear and invite all of the guests up for a chance to catch it.

4. Anniversary Dance- Instead of the traditional garter/bouquet toss, invite all of the married couples onto the dance floor for a special dance. Have the DJ recognize couples who have been married for a certain amount of years, starting with the couple who has been married for the shortest amount of time and working up to the couple who has been married the longest. The longest married couple receives the garter and bouquet as a special gift.

5. For His (or Her) Eyes Only- While many couples opt to skip the garter toss all together, most brides still choose to wear a keepsake garter as a remembrance of their wedding day. Surprise your new spouse by having a custom garter designed to match his or her favorite sports team, hobby or other special theme or to honor their military service or profession. Unveil the special garter in a private moment just between the two of you.

Whichever way you choose to incorporate the garter into your wedding, True Purple Designs has the perfect one for you. Choose from one of our gorgeous garter sets or have a custom set designed just for you.

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